Thursday, April 18, 2013


After Monday’s bombing in Boston, the anniversary of Virginia Tech and Oklahoma City, it is easy to understand the conversations I have overheard, the tweets and Facebook posts I have read. Friends lamenting over the future, worried about their children and grandchildren; pondering what has become of society? Pregnant moms standing in line at the local grocery store wondering what kind of world they are bringing their child into.  I am surprised by the tone of surrender and the doubt in their questions and words. My response to those who question, who seem to be conceding to the wicked, look around, breathe, the world we live in, is beautiful; full of hopes, dreams, promises and love.

Boston, Newtown, Virginia Tech, Columbine, the World Trade Centers, Oklahoma City, Pan Am flight 103 (Lockerbie), the 1972 Olympics, Saigon bombings, the 1920 Wall Street bombing, are but a small compilation of heinous acts.  The list is long and horrific. Terrorist attacks are nothing unique; they were not contrived in modern times, history abounds with atrocities.  Boston sadly is another footnote in the history of barbarity.

Since man was first born on this earth, depravity has always walked in the shadow of good. The two have been a part of humanity since Cain killed his brother Abel. There is no defining evil. There will never be an acceptable why to hate.  No matter what we do or say the damnable will always be lurking in the darkness, waiting for a chance to strike, hoping to instill fear and hate in the marrow of love, honor and integrity.

Yet no matter how much damage they inflict, how many times they knock us down or attempt to destroy us, they cannot.  Evil and hate never have and never will win.  For every evil act there are a million plus generous acts.  Hearts and souls thought to be silent, sing, shout and act when faced with the malignancy of mankind. Love's harmony will always drown the noise of malice. 

We have endured Nero, Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Mengele, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hideki Tajot, Chang Hsien-Chung, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden; monsters that have walked this earth, laid their destruction, spread their hate but we have persevered.  Man will always survive inhuman barbarians. My heart knows this to be true. I have no doubt because I have faith in the goodness of man.

How? The truth is demonstrated by the men and women who throughout time have run into danger to save those in peril, evident by those who serve in uniform (military, police and fire), affirmed by the men and women who throughout history have stood up to injustice.  My belief strengthen by the people who leave home, travel to poverty stricken areas, places of disaster to help at their own expense, giving freely their time, love, and devotion. It is exemplified by men and women who volunteer on a daily basis to make the lives of our children and society better, Scout Leaders, Boys and Girls club volunteers, Big Brothers and Sisters, Coaches, Advocates, food banks, shelters.  Don’t let the images of one evil act diminish the panorama of good.

Love’s ember is stronger than hate’s firestorm.

We are a people, born not to hate but to love and give freely of ourselves. Evil is an abnormality that will always be outnumbered by the compassion of humankind. Strength must acknowledge its weakness, love’s is hate, faith’s is doubt, hope’s is fear and virtue’s is blindness. In the past, these failings have allowed evil to rise and these are what we must temper now. It is important to continue to be who we are, a society of free and equal people, unafraid to own our lives.

Fear should not give way to blind submission. Legislation should not be allowed to pass that lessen our freedoms. Laws cannot prevent hate and evil; only determine the consequence it must face when it arises and causes harm.  Only fools believe there is a solution, a happy harmony that can be won.  History has taught us evil will always be present. When it attempts to emerge we must be unafraid to confront it and move forward like we have always done.

Most importantly we must continue to pray, live and love.

God bless us all! 


  1. The tradition of humanism can be traced to the ancient Greeks and is best represented in modern society by the Bill of Rights. It's echoes can be heard in the Arab Spring. You are correct. We must and have remained unafraid. My further thoughts are captured here:

  2. thank you so much. Thank you so much for your link. I loved it. I was not very successful trying to determine how to comment on the article directly. Hopefully tomorrow after much needed sleep I will have success. The Margaret Thatcher (Iron Lady) quote, the progression of our thoughts to who we become, our destiny is very true and not recognized by many, including myself at times.
    Your closing paragraph/summation beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing I truly appreciate it.