Friday, January 8, 2010

Late night thoughts from Facebook Conversations

Like so many others, I have often pondered if I could go back and redo just one moment, would I do it? Would it change who I am today, or where I am…or would it have no effect what so ever? We have all heard the saying if it was meant to be, it will be. But what if it was meant to be actually depended on that one moment? Your “true” fate was forever changed because you were too afraid to act, to confront, to say how you really felt? If you knew the path you are on today, was not your chosen path, would you go back and alter it, in effect change who and where you are today? We are who we are because of the roads we have traveled. But what if we took the wrong crossroad?

If we missed our destiny in the past is it forever gone, or is it possible to get that moment, that chance a second time? Or has our destiny all along been to make a mistake, then take the second chance? If that second chance appeared at your door, would it be just a coincidence or fate knocking, trying to wake you up to what you didn’t see the first time around? Is it fate trying to steer you to your proper path, your destiny. Would you recognize it? Would you be strong enough to take the second chance, or stay content never risking anything to be happy?

Are we meant to settle, or are we meant to be happy? If we take that second chance, risk it all, are we hurting those around us or are we releasing them to where they should be? Letting them discover their true fate? By hurting them now, will we in the long run help them to become happier? Or are we fooling ourselves, maybe they feel the same way, just too afraid to utter the unspoken truth, the whisper in the darkness. They too have settled so far, accepted what is, like you, too afraid to seek their own happiness.

How do you determine what is truly your second chance and what is just wishful thinking? A longing for what might have been, the never knowing hurt, want, lust? Is what you are feeling strong enough to risk it all? Do you follow the voice of reason in your head or the feeling in your heart? Which is the better guide? Does our heart always know what is best for us? Is what we are feeling real, or an illusion from the past, unfinished business that lacked closure? Are we smart enough to know the difference?

We have all heard the saying you only live once. There are no second chances when you are dead. With that knowledge do you take more risks, take more chances or continue on the same path? Do we owe it to ourselves to strive for more, reach higher, discover new dreams, find our own happiness…or do we owe it to everyone around us to just be happy in what we have? How much do we owe them (our family) verses how much do we owe ourselves? Realizing they can never genuinely be happy, unless we ourselves are. What really is happy? Can anyone truly define it, or do we each have to determine our own definition?

With the realization that we are now closer to death then we are to birth, this seems to be a time in our lives to look back and reflect. To question where we are, to wonder is this as good as it gets, or is there something or someone better out there waiting for us? Wonder more than once, did we miss our one chance at happily ever after? If so do we have and take that second chance? Or is it possible we are just not smart enough to realize we are living the happily ever after, it is just not what we thought it would be. Will we ever know the difference?

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